Dreamtree Project at Starbelly Jam


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Photos by Joel Pelletier www.joelpelletier.ca Featuring Adham Shaikh, Uwe Neumann, Gurpreet Chana, Marty Carter, and yours truly, Ben Johnson performing at the 2015 Starbelly Jam music festival.

a poem from the attic

Here’s one that just turned up outta nowhere..

The Fly and the Elephant

by Ben Johnson (2006?)

System voice: Boing.

Have you heard the story of the fly, and the Elephant?

>The fly bites the elephant.

The tiny fly, living on the enormous elephant, unnoticed until he bites, causing the elephant to twitch and flap his ears.


The lion across the water notices the old, thundering elephant’s twitching, and considers whether it is finally time to strike.

>The fly wishes to remain and feast on the elephant’s carcass.

>> The fly is God’s servant, and may do as she wishes.

> The fly remains God’s servant.