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Thinking about adding some worldly groove to your tracks?

You might be tempted to use virtual instruments, but it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to get a sound that’s even remotely authentic, even with the best hardware controllers and software available. Using licensed loops.. well.. someone out there will recognize it.

Consider hiring a musician with many years of experience in world music, who can work from his own studio or come to yours, is easy to work with and can get your tracks done on time.

Ben Johnson is available for session work on the following instruments:

  • Drum kit (Funk, Jazz, Reggae, World and EDM-based styles)
  • Middle-Eastern percussion (doumbek/darbuka/tabla, riq/frame drums)
  • Indian percussion (tabla)
  • Brazilian percussion
  • Turkish/Arabic oud
  • Turkish saz / Greek tzouras
  • Persian santoor

If you’d like to talk more about a session, please contact Ben Johnson.

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